Control Automation system for Alcoa Minerals of Jamaica – Jamaica, Caribbean

  • Alcoa is one of the largest producers of Aluminium in the world and they have largest mining facility in Jamaica.
  • ICAM has designed, supplied and successfully commissioned the largest automation system for one of the biggest conveyor in world for the material handling of Aluminium from mines.
  • There are several other projects related to above system supplied to Alcoa, Jamaica.
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Centralized SCADA system for all Sewage Treatment Plants in and around Surat city

  • First of its kind in India, this is one of the largest system which shall control all STP locations around Surat city through a centralized SCADA system.
  • We have done number of projects in Water and Waste Water Industries all over India. 
  • We have successfully designed and commissioned India’s first Fully Automated Water Treatment Plant in 2001. After that there are so many installations by us which are fully automated and also won several state and National awards for the same.
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Dairy Solutions

  • We have given several process automation solutions for Dairy sectors. India’s first UHT plant was designed and supplied by us. We have done so many projects like Complete Automation of Refrigeration Plant, UHT plant, Yogurt Packing machine Automation, Ghee making machine Automation, CIP plant automation, Milk Powder Plant Automation, Paneer machine Automation etc.
  • Sumul Dairy also won Energy Saving Award for last 3 years from Government of India for the implementation of Process Automation solution in the dairy which resulted in huge saving on the energy cost of the plant.
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Automation and SCADA Solutions in Water Domain

  • ICAM Technologies is the premier source of Proven Control Technology and Application Expertise for the water Domain.
  • Our expertise is based on history of successful performance of our solutions, with more than 30
  • projects completed and running successfully in the field in water and waste water industry in last 10 years.
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Food and Beverages / Dairy Sector :

  • The food and beverage Industry highly demands compliance to food safety regulations and standards across all its processes.
  • ICAM Technologies has worked extensively in the food industry and developed core competency in Dariy Automation.
  • Dairy Plants Automation including milk processing, cheese, butter, yogurt processing, concentrated dairy products automation, Ice cream /chocolate processing.
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