Smart Dairy

Smart Dairy

Food and Beverages / Dairy Sector

The food and beverage Industry highly demands compliance to food safety regulations and standards across all its processes.

ICAM Technologies has worked extensively in the food industry and developed core competency in Dariy Automation.

Dairy Plants Automation including :

  • Milk processing
  • Cheese
  • Butter
  • Yogurt Processing
  • Concentrated Dairy Products Automation
  • Ice Cream /Chocolate Processing
Smart Dairy

Process Expertise :

1. Several Opportunities exist in Dairy Industry for Cost and Energies optimization

  • Refrigeration
  • Packaging of Butter
  • Process
  • Steam control loops-Heating processes
  • Electrical Energies

2. Saving of Chemical Raw Materials in CIP

  • Huge savings in energies possible in process sections by implementing Automation Projects.
  • Possible in retrofit cases, in phased wise manner
  • Requires minimum investment/ capital cost
  • Capital cost/ expenditure is easily justified on the basis of savings realized

3. Areas to concentrate

  • Steam applications
  • Chilled water application
  • Control Valves
  • Panel PID Controller Instruments
  • Most PID controllers are purchased based on cost and not performance - Selection of proper and correct PID control action is mission critical
  • All controllers are NOT equal, software actions play major role in cost savings

One of our esteemed customer in Dairy sector rewarded Energy Conservation Award from Central Government of India, Ministry of for 03 years in row for the huge energy and cost saving by implementing Automation in the Dairy.