Process control and automation solutions for water and wastewater industry

"Complex automation and control solutions for all types of water processes for water pumping, distribution irrigation, industrial water treatment, waste water treatment, waterways"

Big data is changing the face of water industry. Management of data-driven monitoring and control systems will increasingly infiltrate every part of the water business. Driven by continued water quality regulations and the need to improve process efficiencies and optimise system performance, there has been an increased uptake of monitoring and control systems that are able to detect changes in real-time.

In future, smart solutions could govern water industry and change every decision in municipal and industrial sectors. It is critical for every company working in the water space to understand how this reality will impact future operations and opportunities in the industry.

At ICAM, we offer proven and smart solutions to drive intelligent water operations that help optimize performance and maximize return on investment.


Smart city solutions:

Smart Cities is a global trend. It is aspirational. It stems from the need to build a sustainable world. Most advanced cities, national governments, international organisations and transnational corporations are increasingly viewing the smart city concept as the base of sustainable growth, and the best solution for the challenges of world’s urbanisation.

Smart Integration:

Automation technologies play a key role in the efficient operations. Real-time interconnected data will help city authorities to better manage and continuously optimize their systems as data flows across systems and can be fed back into them.

Integration is an essential step to ‘smart’.

We deliver smart integration – today- Integration of operations and information further optimizes overall city efficiency.

ICAM has successfully delivered smart integration solutions for more than 50 projects in water and wastewater industry till date. We provide integrated solutions for optimal water and wastewater operations and planning.